Thursday, November 6, 2014

(October) Individual Blog Post

(October) Individual Blog Post
This was an amazing month for our work with computers. We created a Student Led Conference Presentation. The students then made copies and went in to the slides to make them their own. They added personal assessment data, links to their writing, links to the reading assignments, as well as color-coding words they are working on in word study. The students then used their presentations at their Student-Led Parent/Teacher Conferences, and via Smartboards, shared their work with their parents. I had 100% attendance by both parents and students, and I think it was because we had the students so involved. Their presentation skills need a little work, but they were so proud to let their parents know of all they have been doing. Most impressive were some of my bilingual students who translated as they presented, giving their parents a direct- clear picture of their work at school.

This month we also used the computers to create some short mystery/fiction stories inspired by Harris Burdick Mysteries. The students logged on to the Burdick Website to look at the pictures and chose one to download and create a story about. They were very excited to create and share these pieces, and the technology definitely played a role in their enthusiasm.

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  1. Sally,

    Both of these sounds amazing! I have always toyed with the idea of Student-Led Presentations and this makes me feel like I can do it as well. Thanks for giving us insight into how you organized it. I also LOVE Harris Burdick and love the activity you have developed to go with it. Thanks for letting me know about the website so they can download a picture instead of me photocopying it. You rock!